Flat Bottom quad seal zipper bag


Innovative Flat Bottom Pouch

Li Pack Corporation, has established itself as a pioneer for the development and manufacture of side gusseted bags and flat bottom bag featured with the application of press-to-close zipper or slider in China. Now Li Pack Corp. presents a new development which create innovative packaging for pet food manufacturers purchasing from China, it is almost by one-third of buying from oversea or Japan compare to those Quad-seal or Flat bottom bags.

Side gusseted bags made of poly laminates and are used for the packaging of a broad range of products. Side gusseted bags with zipper are considered the most popular bags in the market, thanks to slider feature, slider adds convenience to large format bags, yet requires no alteration to the package design or construction. The slider enables a resealable closure on laminate bags, which are popular choices for large format applications

With Zipper featured flat bottom bag, it allow consumers to open the bag easily, remove a dose of the packaged product and easily reclose the bag afterwards. Solutions for a wide variety of functional auxiliary features at the bag such as handles, easy opening devices or reclosable systems have been realized in close collaboration with packaging enterprises.

For any further information, please send email at sales@lipackhk.com and we will answer you soonest.

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